By: Alyciah Gutierrez

Asperger Syndrom

Asperger syndrom is a distinct form of autism. It is a neurodevelopment disorder that effects your behavior, communication, and interaction with others.


Symptoms of Aspergers

  1. Doesn't like change in daily routines

  2. Has a hard time interacting with others

  3. Can not pick up tone or style of language

  4. Speaks formal
  5. Very intelligent, and picks up on numbers fairly quick
  6. Tends to look up or find new interests on certain topics. They pick up on facts and details in certain topics as well.

Diagnosis for Aspergers

There is no diagnosis for Aspergers but there are treatments and therapy to improve their speech, communication skills, and daily behavior skills.

  1. Social Skills training

  2. Speech and language therapy

  3. Cognitive behavioral therapy

  4. Occupational Therapy

Facts and Statistcs on Aspergers
  1. About 1 percent of the world population has autism spectrum disorder. (CDC, 2014)
  2. More than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder. (Buescher et al., 2014)
  3. Cost of lifelong care can be reduced by 2/3 with early diagnosis and intervention. (Autism. 2007 Sep;11(5):453-63; The economic consequences of autistic spectrum disorder among children in a Swedish municipality. Järbrink K1.)

  4. Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability. (CDC, 2008
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Included in your report should be a description of these types of disorders. (Choose three) Include what they are, how they develop, who it affects, and treatmen
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Progeria
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Autism

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