Caleb Dorsey

Date Rape Drugs

What is a date rape drug?? A date rape drug, or a predator drug, is any drug that can incapacitate a person and leaving that person completely vulnerable.

What are some date rape drugs??
  • Rohypnol
  • Ketamine
  • Gamma-Hydroyxbutyrate
  • Alcohol

Date rape drugs are used by predators to commit DFSA( Drug Facilitating Sexual ASSAULT or to rape there targets.

Rohypnol/Ruphies This date rape drug is one of the most commonly used. It's usually a round white pill and can also be a powder. This drug is put mostly into alcoholic beverages at parties or at bars in public. The pill or powder will completely dissolve and is tasteless and odorless. After approximately 10 minutes, sometimes even earlier, you won't remember a single thing from that time until you wake up the text morning. some symptoms(that people have remembered) were: paralyzed feelings, amnesia, loss of muscle control, drowsiness, and confusion.


Alcohol is one of the most dangerous date rape drugs. When people, (women specifically)consume too much alcohol, they can get taken advantage of. When too much alcohol n is consumed, it distorts the brain and its way of thinking. Some predators will usually push or try to get the girl they're victimizing to drink more and more so they will be less likely to engage in sexual activity.


Ketamine is a drug that is a powder or liquid and is very identical to Ruphies. It is tasteless and odorless and once the drug enters the system, there is no way to know that the person was drugged. If the dosage is big enough, the person drugged will fall asleep for hours or even for days until the drug wears off( depending upon how big of the dosage).


GHB is the one of the most recent date rape drugs. GHB is one of the easiest drugs to make and it looks just like water which makes it so dangerous. Some symptoms of Gamma Hydro are: loss of consciences, nausea, hallucinations, and amnesia.